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Coaching and Mentoring



There at times when we all require an enabler to support and encourage us to overcome day to day life experiences that have become too much to deal with alone.  First Steps Forward put you at the centre of the process enabling you to feel valued and supported. It is about forming positive therapeutic working relationships.  It is about guiding you to find you own solutions while the Counsellor acts as a critical friend, acting in a non-judgemental way you will be supported and encouraged to identify and manage solutions towards self-healing. This takes place in a safe and confidential environment where you are able to feel empowered. The counsellor promises to listen without judgement and will give you the time you need. Then, when you are ready, will guide you towards self-healing.


Trauma & PTSD symptoms



Trauma & PTSD symptoms 

Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger after traumatic events. The counsellor can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 

Addiction Counselling and Substance Abuse Counselling



It is often the case that we look at our lives and worry that we are addicted to certain aspects of it. This can be shopping, sex, pornography, the internet, alcohol, drugs or substances. The Counsellor will work with you, and other professionals when you are ready, to support you through these challenges, and help you take those first steps to recovery. 

Additional Services

Autism-Corporate Mentoring and Coaching


Many people with Autism struggle in the workplace. I am able to support the worker and the employer with advice on reasonable adjustments as well as coaching or mentoring in the workplace. As well as advocating for individuals in the work place. 

Autism- Mentoring and Coaching Individuals and families


Families where there is Autism sometimes struggle with getting a diagnosis, understanding the impact of the diagnosis as well as parenting and planning. Dave can work alongside you to offer strategies and support. 

Autism- Corporate Training, Educational and Social Care in-service training


Dave is uniquely placed in having working in education and social care as well as public services and supporting people with SEN as well as Autism. He is able to offer training that encompasses general or specific Autism awareness, teaching strategies as well as support and mentoring. 

The Therapy

Autism and Asperger’s


Neurotypicals, non Autistic people,  often find that the Autistic Spectrum Condition (A.S.C) is complex and difficult to understand. While adults and children who may believe that they are on the Autistic Spectrum or who have a diagnosis may struggle with understanding as well as with many skills such as social integration, social skills and relationships, sensory overloads and many more. These are often linked to self harm and depression and impact on day to day living making life a struggle. 

Work related issues such as interviewing, getting on with colleagues, as well as losing work,  making and keeping relationships are common examples of concerns for adults on the Spectrum. 

While with children and young adults, an understanding of themselves is often hard and fitting into peer groups a huge problem. Likewise with children and younger adults education experiences such as exam concessions, classroom strategies, E.H.C.P, school placements and specialist provisions are often questions that are difficult to find answers to. 

Dave is able to support people who have, or are awaiting, diagnosis for A.S.C. He is able to support their families and carers to understand the diagnosis and what it means to be on the Autistic Spectrum.  He is able to support with parenting skills for this unique group of people and help find solutions to day to day concerns as well as help manage children  and young adults on the Autistic Spectrum demonstrating challenging behaviour. 

List of Barriers or concerns



Addictions-substances, porn etc


Affairs and betrayal




Autistic Spectrum Condition/Asperger’s


Carer support 


Domestic Abuse

Emotional abuse

Family issues

Learning difficulties/ SEND

Low self-confidence/low self esteem

Passive aggressive behaviour

Physical Abuse

PTSD symptoms

Healthy relationships




Suicidal thoughts 


Qualifications and professionalism


BSc (Hons), BA (Hons) in Counselling, P.G.C.E. (P.C.E.T), Post Graduate Diploma in Education (SEN), Masters Degree in Education (Autism), Surrey Autism Champion.

  AMIoC, MNCS (Accred).

Costs and duration


Counselling - Initial assessment and discussion up to 90 minutes - £80.  Thereafter, the cost is £45 per 50 minute session.  (Concessions for some benefits including PIP/DLA and discount for Public services-£35 per 50 minutes).  Travel to clients arranged separately.  

Mentoring and Coaching Individuals or families- £30 per 50 minutes. 

Corporate Mentoring/Coaching/Training - £150 per 2 hours- to include travel costs to Organisations. 

£300 per 4 hours

Training in Education- £100 per 2 hours

£150 per 3 hours. Additional costs for travel. 

For Counselling, Mentoring or Family Coaching- payment  at the beginning of the session.  

For Training bookings etc paid on confirmation of booking. 

The Thin Red, Blue and Green lines

I am an independent Counsellor, Coach and Mentor with previous experience in Public Services. I am not affiliated to or paid by any of the public services. My former Colleagues from Public Services are warmly welcome and rates are discounted, please ask for the rate and be prepared to show id.

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