Who is First Steps Forward?


The Practice

This practice has many facets which include Counselling, Mentoring and Training. General Counselling is available as well as more specific Counselling for people with Autism. Dave is also able to mentor adults with Autism who have concerns about entering employment, those in employment as well as the companies who are employers. 

Dave has specialised in Special Educational Needs, Learning Disability and Autism and delivers training in this area. Dave has experience in delivering training, supporting and work alongside people in these fields for many years as well as acquiring post graduate qualifications. 


Client Centred

Being at the centre of the process enables the client to feel valued.

 It is about forming a positive therapeutic relationship, through guiding the client to find their own solutions while the Counsellor/Coach/Mentor acts as a critical friend challenging the client to look within themselves.  Dave is able to work with adults and with adolescents and children. 

Dave can select from the roles of Coach, Counsellor and Mentor depending on what the client needs. 


The Setting

Dave is based in Tandridge, Surrey (Junction 6 of the M 25) and can meet individuals in a quiet and confidential environment. Dave also works with people who have Autism and who find that travelling causes them anxiety, he is happy to travel to see clients at agreed locations within a reasonable distance and considered on an individual basis to support them. Training for corporate organisations, schools and colleges will be delivered at your preferred location.  Dave's style and approach will be uniquely tailored to your needs and will be central to the healing and recovery process. 

What First Steps Forward Delivers

General Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring


There at times when we all require an enabler to support and encourage us to overcome day to day life experiences that have become too much to deal with alone.  First Steps Forward put you at the centre of the process enabling you to feel valued and supported. It is about forming positive therapeutic working relationships.  It is about guiding you to find you own solutions while the Counsellor acts as a critical friend, acting in a non-judgemental way you will be supported and encouraged to identify and manage solutions towards self-healing. This takes place in a safe and confidential environment where you are able to feel empowered. The counsellor promises to listen without judgement and will give you the time you need. Then, when you are ready, will guide you towards self-healing.


Costs for Counselling, personal mentoring and coaching


At the initial meeting counselling, mentoring and coaching costs will be agreed and a counselling contract signed. 

All sessions are 50 minutes and cost £40 per session. There are concessions available for certain benefits as well as for blue light services and public services at the discretion of the counsellor on an individual basis, please do not be offended if proof is requested. If you are not sure feel free to ask rather than go without if you need support. 

Dave is willing to travel to certain clients if their anxiety is high and travel if difficult though this will be reflected in travel costs as well as hourly rates, please ask for details.

List of barriers and concerns






Affairs and betrayal


Anxiety-Social anxiety

Autistic Spectrum Condition/Asperger’s


Carer support 


Domestic Abuse

Emotional abuse

Family issues

Learning difficulties/ SEND

Low self-confidence/low self esteem

Passive aggressive behaviour

Physical Abuse

PTSD symptoms

Healthy relationships




Suicidal thoughts 


Autism Related Services

Autism-Corporate Mentoring and Coaching


 Neuro-typicals, non Autistic people, often find that the Autistic Spectrum Condition (A.S.C) is complex and difficult to understand, and working alongside colleagues or employing staff who are on the spectrum leaves many feeling de-skilled. While many people with Autism struggle in the workplace with work related issues such as interviewing, getting on with colleagues,

making and keeping relationships. I am able to support the worker and the employer with advice on reasonable adjustments as well as coaching or mentoring in the workplace.   

Autism- Mentoring and Coaching Individuals and families


  Adults and children who believe that they may be on the Autistic Spectrum or who have a diagnosis may struggle with understanding the diagnosis as well as with skills such as social integration, social skills and relationships, sensory overloads and many more. These are often linked to self harm and depression and impact on day to day living, making life a struggle. Families where there is Autism sometimes struggle with getting a diagnosis, understanding the impact of the diagnosis as well as practical parenting strategies. Dave can work alongside parents to offer strategies and support as well as support children to understand the diagnosis. 

Autism- Corporate Training, Educational and Social Care in-service training


Dave is uniquely placed having working in many areas such as Education-as a lecturer and teacher, social care as well as public services supporting people with S.E.N as well as Autism and learning disabilities. This enables him to understand how best to   support them with a raft of strategies. He is able to offer training that encompasses general or specific Autism awareness,  with real life experiences and examples, teaching strategies as well as support and mentoring. 

Qualifications and Costs

Qualifications and Memberships


BSc (Hons), BA (Hons) in Counselling

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PCET) QTLS

Post Graduate Diploma in Education (SEN)

Masters in Education (Autism)

Associate Member of the Institute of Counselling (AMIoC)

Member of the National Counselling Society (MNCS)

Costs for Corporate and Education Training and Mentoring


   Corporate Training and presentations- £200 per 2 hours, £100 per subsequent hours. Half day/4 hours £350. Travel costs to be included depending on location.

Education and Inset training- £120 per 2 hours, £150 per three hours. Half or full days negotiable. Travel costs to be included depending on location. 

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